Indian Army remembers IPKF officer at restored tomb in Jaffna

Four Indian Army officers including the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Southern Command visited Jaffna on Saturday to remember IPKF soldiers killed by the LTTE.

Sri Lanka tops torture list for sixth year running

Sri Lanka topped the global torture referrals list for a sixth year running in a summary report by Freedom From Torture. The organisation listed the top ten countries from where it received referrals to victims of torture in 2016. Sri Lanka topped the list of countries which included Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Sudan. Freedom From Torture received over 230 referrals in 2016 alone, with many more in 2017. Commenting on the ongoing torture in Sri Lanka, the organisation said, “In 2016, Sri Lanka was the top country of origin for...

Sri Lankan president sets up National Economic Council

Sri Lanka's president, Maithripala Sirisena said he set up the National Economic Council in order to strengthen the country's economy. The NEC would be aimed at increasing export income and developing local industry, Colombo Page reported. Stating there is a need to develop the agricultural sector in the country, Mr Sirisena said, "the National Economic Council was established after the discussions with the representatives of World Bank, International Monetary Fund, local and international economic specialists and also Sri Lankan specialists, working abroad." "The National Economic Council...

Body found in Batticaloa

The body of a man in his 60s has been recovered from a river situated by Lloyds Avenue, Batticaloa on Friday evening. Local police retrieved the body on Friday evening and transferred it to Batticaloa hospital, reports Batti News . The police are reportedly investigated the death.

Government will not do anything detrimental to local industry says president

Sri Lanka's president Maithripala Sirisena on Friday assured locals that his government would enter into any free trade agreements internationally which would be detrimental to local industry. “The government will only enter into any free trade agreements with foreign countries by protecting local industries,” Mr Sirisena was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying. "False and misleading propaganda is being spread among local industrialists in urban areas by a group unconnected to the business community. I assure you that this government would not do anything detrimental to the local industry or...

Sri Lankan police prevent community clear-up of destroyed LTTE cemetery in Mannar

Sri Lankan police in Mannar prevented former LTTE cadres and families of fallen LTTE cadres from clearing up an LTTE cemetery on Friday, causing friction between locals and police.

Sampur residents submit over 1000 documents on land issues to human rights commission

The resettled people of Sampur and Kadarkaraichenai have filed a complaint over land issues to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, submitting over a thousand documents as evidence. Representatives of the villages went to the Trincomalee regional office of HRCSL to hand over the files of evidence and letters and to register the official complaint. S. Shanmuganathan, head of the Sampur East Village Development Association said the team had handed over information pertaining to four pressing land issues faced by the people of Sampur. Firstly, the resettled villagers and owners of released...

Fundamental issue of Tamil status in Sri Lanka remains unresolved - Former peace mediator Eric Solheim

The fundamental issue of the status of Tamils in Sri Lanka remains unresolved said the former Norwegian peace-mediator between Sri Lanka’s government and the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam. In an interview with Indian News outlet DNA India , Mr Eric Solheim said that despite the end of the war . “still the fundamental issues in Sri Lanka – the status of Tamils, and the influence of Tamils within the state of Sri Lanka are not resolved.” A main hurdle of conflict resolution in Sri Lanka was that the Sinhala community was divided into two main parties that fought for power within each...

Sri Lankan soldiers ramp up restoration work on IPKF tomb in Jaffna

Photographs: Shalin for Tamil Guardian Over 50 Sri Lankan soldiers were engaged in restoring the tomb of an Indian Army officer in a bid to complete work before the visit of a senior Indian Army commander.

International judges not allowed to operate in Sri Lanka declares foreign minister, denies pressure to implement UN resolution

Updated 2300 GMT Sri Lanka’s constitution does not allow foreign judges to operate in the country and they will not be allowed to hear cases of war crimes, declared the government’s newly appointed foreign minister Tilak Marapana, as he denied his government was under pressure to implement a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on accountability for violations of international law. "Sri Lanka's Constitution does not allow foreign judges to operate in the country and hear cases," he told reporters in Colombo today. "We have told the international community that our constitution does...