Sirisena opens Lanka Patuna bridge

In a recent ceremony, President Maithripala Sirisena opened the Lanka Patuna bridge. “The bridge which is 150 meters long, built under the supervision of Road Development Authority will facilitate the devotees who visit the Lanka Patuna temple,” the President’s webpage stated. Renamed Lanka Patuna by the Sri Lanka government, the small Tamil village originally known as Ilankaithurai Mugaththuvaram, has become a spot for Southern tourists who come to visit the newly built Buddhist temples.

Mullivaikkaal commemoration organiser receives further harassment over names of dead

After receiving further pressure from Mullaitivu police earlier this week to submit a list of the names of the dead that were carved on stones as part of a Mullivaikkaal event last week, Tamil civil society activist and programme director of Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research (ACPR) Father Elil has now been asked by police for the addresses of those names on the list. Despite having a previous police summons cancelled on May 22 due to international and domestic pressure, Father Elil received phone calls from the police on May 24 demanding a list of names used for the memorial service held...

Sri Lanka civil society calls for an end to harassment of activists working on memorialisation

Tamil Sinhala and Muslim civil society actisits called for an immediate halt to the ongoing harassment of Rev Fr Elil Rajendram over his efforts to conduct a remembrance event on May 18. See full statement below. We, the undersigned individuals and organisations, strongly condemn the continued police harassment of Rev. Fr. Elil Rajendram, a Tamil Catholic Priest belonging to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), based in Mullaithivu, Northern Sri Lanka. Many of us have met and know of Fr. Elil through his human rights activism. He has been working with Tamil war survivors and families of victims,...

Motorcycles recovered from Sri Lankan HSZ in Jaffna

Two motorcycles were recovered from a well inside a recently released High Security Zone (HSZ) in Jaffna on Thursday.

CID investigate Eelam image at Jaffna temple festival

A member of Thirunelvely's Kali Amman Kovil is being investigated after an image of Tamil Eelam was attached to the deity and displayed at a festival on Tuesday. The image was displayed at the during the third day of the temple's festival.

Sinhala Buddhist organisations protest against attempt to arrest BBS leader

Several Buddhist organisations staged a protest against moves to arrest Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary Ven. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera. Hundreds of Sinhala nationalist protesters moved through the streets of Colombo with banners and Sinhala nationalist flags ending their protest in front of Sri Lanka’s Police Headquarters. Gnanasara Thera is under investigation for hsi role in inciting racial tension and violence against the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. See more here.

Vadamaradchchy Christian Union urges government not to obstruct commemoration

The Vadamaradchchy Christian Union condemned the ban on memorialization that was issued to local activist, Reverend R. Elilrajan, who was prohibited from facilitating a memorial event. The memorial event included stones with the name of those killed in the final stages of the war. The Sri Lankan police argued that this form of memorialization might interfere with national security, national unity and peace. Vadamaradchchy Christian Union released a statement that highlights the benefits of memorialization for psychological wellbeing and collective grieving. Further stating that grieving is a...

Tamil Civil Society Forum calls on Sri Lanka to confront Sinhala Buddhist nationalism and end attacks on Muslims

The Tamil Civil Society Forum (TCSF) in statement released today, called on Sri Lanka to take concrete action against the Muslim community in various parts of the country. “The institutional tolerance that the law order and machinery shows to Sinhala Buddhist nationalist forces is at the root cause of this lawlessness," read the statement. The statement came as the United Nations Resident Coordinater in Sri Lanka , Una McCauley also said that it was time for Sri Lanka to “stand strong and be bold”. “last week Sri Lanka celebrated Vesak and this week the teaching of the Lord Buddha – his...

Sri Lankan foreign minister switched in cabinet reshuffle

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena named a new foreign minister, as he reshuffled his cabinet this week, his first such move since coming to power in 2015. Mangala Samaraweera, who was criticised by the opposition and Sinhala nationalists, for agreeing to co-sponsor a UN Human Rights Council resolution in 2015 has now been moved to a new portfolio. He will now be the government's finance and media minister. Ravi Karunayake, who previously held that role, will now be the government's foreign minister. Economy Next reported that Mr Samaraweera “had publicly declared that finance was a...