NPC protests Sinhalisation and land grabs in Mullaitivu under Mahaweli scheme

Councillors from the Northern Provincial Council staged a protest on Tuesday, after the council passed a resolution last week condemning state sponsored Sinhala settlements in Mullaitivu and across the Vanni.

Sri Lankan president pledges ‘every possible comfort’ for troops

Sri Lanka’s president vowed that he would provide the military with “every possible comfort and privilege”, as he addressed Sri Lankan Special Forces at a ceremony on Monday. Maithripala Sirisena was overseeing a passing out ceremony, where seven Officers and 189 other rank personnel were inducted into the military, when he made the pledge. His statement is the latest in a series of remarks made over the years reiterating his support for the military. He has previously vowed to protect them from an international war crimes tribunal for mass atrocities committed during the armed conflict.

Sri Lanka's debt sums to 80% of GDP - Moody's

Moody’s Investors Service has found that Sri Lanka’s debt sums to 80% of its national GDP, a ratio larger than instability ridden countries including Pakistan, Pakistan, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia. The investors service said that a sustainable rebound in real GDP growth will be essential to support future gains in Sri Lanka, reports Sri Lanka aims to reduce its government deficit from 80% to 3.5% of its GDP by 2020.

Navy releases fraction of land at Vadduvakal camp

The Sri Lankan navy on Sunday released just 1.5 acres in Vadduvakal currently occupied by the Gotabhaya Navy Camp, which continues to span across 617 acres. The 1.5 acres belong to three individuals, who criticised the navy's decision to release such a small proportion of the occupied land. The past three years have seen a number of protests across the North-East calling on the state's armed forces to release land back to residents.

Pre-school teachers ordered to attend training at military camp

The Civil Security Department has ordered teachers working at its pre-school in the Vanni region to attend 20 days of 'leadership training' at the Theravil military camp. Teachers were given military uniform with instruction to arrive at the camp tomorrow dressed in this attire. "When we joined the pre-schools to work, they assured us that no military training would take place, but now they are ordering us to attend military training under the name of 'leadership training'," a pre-school teacher who has been ordered to attend the training told Tamil Guardian, speaking on condition of...

TNA will not field Wigneswaran at next election - The Island

The Tamil National Alliance will not field current Chief Minister of the Northern Province C V Wigneswaran as a candidate for the upcoming Northern Provincial Council elections, reports The Island. TNA parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran is reported to have announced the decision in Jaffna this weekend. Justice Wigneswaran has been sharply critical of the TNA’s decision to ally with the paramilitary EPDP to gain control of Local Governing bodies, stating that it was forsaking party policy for personal gain. Last year he beat back a no confidence motion at the northern provincial council, which was...

Militarised New Year celebrations begin in Poonakari

In the face of repeated calls for the military to withdraw itself from civilian activities, the Sri Lankan army decided to hold an event to mark the upcoming Tamil and Sinhala New Year in Poonakari last week.

US military official meets head of Sri Lankan army

US military officials from the US Pacific Command (PACOM) met with the head of Sri Lanka’s army last week, where they discussed “career development prospects in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region” and “further expansion of security cooperation”.

Sri Lankan navy chases off up to 2,000 Indian fishermen

The Sri Lankan navy has been accused of chasing off up to 2,000 Indian fishermen on Saturday night, as years of tension the two sides continue. Rameswaram Fishermen Association President P Sesuraja from Tamil Nadu said that the fishermen were fishing near Katchatheevu, when the Sri Lankan navy arrived and snapped the fishing nets of 20 boats before chasing the rest of the group away. The incident marks the latest in a long history of attacks by the Sri Lankan navy on Tamil Nadu fishermen. Last month, a similar incident occurred, with over 2000 Tamil Nadu fishermen chased away by the Sri Lanka...

Sumanthiran denies deal with Sri Lankan PM over no confidence motion

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran denied that his party reached an agreement with Sri Lanka’s prime minister, in order to back him against a no confidence motion in parliament last week. Speaking to the Sunday Observer Mr Sumanthiran said that though the TNA had discussion with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe regarding issues of concern to Tamils of the North-East, “our support for the Prime Minister was not conditional on them agreeing to any of this”. “In extending our support to the National Unity government to fulfill its mandate, we pointed out the things that...