TNPF mark Tamil Genocide Day in Vakarai

Tamil genocide day was marked by TNPF members in Vakarai, Batticaloa on Thursday. Gathering on the banks of the lagoon, the participants lit flames and paid tribute to the tens of thousands massacred by the Sri Lankan state in the final stages of the war.

British Tamil students remember Mullivaikkaal massacres on Tamil genocide day

British Tamil students gathered at City University to commemorate those that died in the final stages of the armed ethnic conflict. The event was hosted by the City University Tamil Society who invited the Tamil Youth Organisation to speak on the events that occurred during the periods of mass killings at Mullivaikkaal beach.

Tamil civil society hold Mullivaikkaal memorial event with restrictions after varied court order

Hundreds of people attended a memorial event organised by Tamil civil society marking 8 years since the slaughter of thousands at Mullivaikkaal, after a court order banning the event was varied earlier in the day.

Mullivaikkaal massacre victims remembered by ITAK in Trincomalee

A Mullivaikkaal remembrance event took place yesterday in front of Puliyankulam Vairavar Kovil in Trincomalee.

Army and STF deployed in reaction to shooting in Kilinochchi

Kilinochchi police requested the assistance of the army and the Special Task Force (STF) in Palai, after shots were fired at a police vehicle while driving in a forested area in the Arasakeni Kachcharu area.

ITAK holds Mullivaikkaal memorial in Jaffna

The Ilankai Tamil Arisai Katchi (ITAK) held Mullivaikkaal memorial services at their offices in Jaffna.

PEARL remains concerned about Sri Lanka's continuing repression of memorialisation activities

As Sri Lanka fails to build confidence amongst the Tamil population, prospects for a sustainable and stable peace remain dim, said People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (PEARL). In a statement released to mark Tamil Genocide Day, Pearl said it remains “concerned about Sri Lanka’s continuing repression of Tamil memorialisation activities, including the recent harassment of civil society members. Unimpeded memorialisation has been one of the fundamental demands of the Tamil people.”” See full statement below. (Washington, DC; May 18, 2017) On May 18, Eelam Tamils across the North-East and the...

Mullivaikkaal remembrance at Trincomalee human rights organisation

The Tamil victims of the massacre during the final stages of the war were remembered in Trincomalee at a human rights centre.

TNPF holds genocide remembrance event at Mullivaikkaal

Dozens of people attended a genocide remembrance event organised by the Tamil National Peoples' Front to mark May 18 th at Mullivakkaal beach earlier today. Relatives of those killed during the final stages of the armed conflict, lit flames in the memory of their loved ones on the beach where thousands were massacred. Amongst those to address the event was TNPF leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam.

Tamils remember massacred civilians at Mullivaikkaal beach

Members of the Tamil community in Mullathivu gathered at the Mullivaikkaal beach this morning to commemorate the thousands of Tamil civilians that died at the final stages of the armed conflict between the Sri Lankan armed forces and Liberation Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam.