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Tamil Guardian 31 October 2014
Protests in Tamil Nadu against SL death sentence to fishermen

Protests erupted in Tamil Nadu on Friday against a Sri Lankan court’s sentencing of five Tamil Nadu fishermen to death for alleged drug trafficking.

Effigies of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa were and the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission in Chennai was laid siege to, reports Deccan Chronicle. Over two hundred demonstrators were arrested said police.

In Rameswaram, the home of many Tamil Nadu fishermen who have faced arrest and detention by the Sri Lankan navy, local fishermen have launched an indefinite strike unless the Indian government appealed the death sentence in a higher court, the paper added. See more here

Tamil Guardian 31 October 2014
UN Human Rights Committee raises concerns in Sri Lanka's ICCPR review conclusions
The UN Human Rights Committee’s concluding observations on the fifth periodic report of Sri Lanka, released on Thursday,  outlined several concerns on the state of freedom of expression and participation in the political process, freedom of assembly and freedom of association, rights of persons belonging to minorities, torture, enforced disappearances and former combatants.

Highlighting the attacks on freedom of assembly and association of Tamils in the north-east, the report said,

“The committee is concerned at the disproportional and discriminatory restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly and association against Tamils, particularly in the North of the State party, including restrictions of religious and/or civil ceremonies commemorating the loss of loved ones during the armed conflict.”

Drawing upon concerns regarding the Rights of persons belonging to minorities, the report highlighted further concerns about, “ the restrictions and conditions placed on the enjoyment of cultural, linguistic and religious freedoms of minorities in the State party, such as the Muslim, Tamil and Christian communities, including refusal of school admission on grounds of religion, and harassment against minority religious groups which includes attacks on the places of worship of Hindu, Muslim, Evangelical Christian and Jehovah’s Witness communities.”


Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
Sri Lanka sentences 5 Tamil Nadu fishermen to death, India says men innocent
A Sri Lankan court sentenced five Tamil Nadu fishermen to death on Thursday on drug trafficking charges.

The Indian government is to appeal the judgement, through legal channels as well as political channels, reports the Hindustan Times.

"India's High Commission in Colombo will appeal to higher court through a lawyer against the judgement by the lower court against these five Indian fishermen," India's External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin told a press conference on Friday.

"Since then this court case has been going through the Sri Lankan judicial process. Now that a lower court has given its judgement, we intend through our High Commission to appeal against this judgement," Akbaruddin told Times Now.

"Simultaneously, we have been pursuing with the Sri Lankan government our view, that we feel these fishermen are not guilty, because we have done our due diligence on our side, and we find that they are innocent," he added.


Arani Kumaran Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
Review: 'Sri Lanka's Secrets: How the Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away with Murder'

'Sri Lanka's Secrets: How the Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away with Murder' by Trevor Grant, is a powerful book, containing many details that will inform, energise and enrage even those who are familiar with Sri Lanka, let alone those who are new to understanding the issues that continue to fester on this island. Trevor Grant’s contribution to the literature on Sri Lanka should be compulsory reading for everyone interested in Sri Lanka. His extensive research, access to individuals willing to talk, and ability to tie individual stories back to a bigger argument make this a very powerful book.


Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
UN agency says it is ready to support Upcountry landslide rescue
The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said it was ready to assist in the rescue operation following a landslide in the Upcountry on Wednesday, which is believed to have left hundreds dead.

"The National Disaster Management Center reports that at least six people have died, 300 people are missing and 150 houses are destroyed," a UN spokesperson said.

"OCHA is in close contact with this centre and stands ready to support as requested."

"The Sri Lankan Red Cross Society has mobilised first aid teams, while the World Health Organization (WHO) is supporting the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health's efforts to assist the affected communities," he added.


Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
30 Oct 1995: Jaffna exodus as Tamils flee for Vanni ahead of SL military advance

On October 30, 1995, over half a million Tamil men, women and children fled their homes in Jaffna, ahead of a major military offensive by the Sri Lankan government led by Chandrika Kumaratunga, in what became known as the Jaffna Exodus.

The entire town of Jaffna, the largest Tamil population centre in Sri Lanka, streamed out in a mass exodus for the safety of the Vanni, which was then controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Walking for several miles east, crossing the Navatkuli bridge, the throngs of people, carrying whatever they could manage, made their way to the neck of the Jaffna peninsula, before making the dangerous boat journey on to Kilinochchi. 

All the while, heavy fighting raged as the LTTE battled to keep the Sri Lanka military at bay.

Making the journey

The context in which the exodus took place was aptly summed up by The Times, whose correspondent, Christopher Thomas, wrote on October 30:
“Many civilians have been killed by government shelling and bombing, which has hit residential areas of the town. There is panic among the 600,000 Tamils on the Jaffna peninsula. The greatest humanitarian crisis of the war is in the making...Tamil civilians in Jaffna are evidently terrified by the advancing of the soldiers and are looking to the Tigers to save them from what they are convinced will be a massacre.”


Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
Govt accused of neglecting Upcountry Tamils after hundreds buried in landslide
Hundreds are believed to be trapped under rubble after an extensive landslide struck the tea plantations in the upcountry region, on Wednesday morning.

Ten bodies have been pulled from the rubble so far, whilst over one hundred are feared dead. The military has been deployed to help in the rescue effort.

The landslide has led to criticism of the policies of successive government over the living conditions of upcountry Tamils.

“Irresponsibility of Sri Lanka’s past governments responsible for housing, plantation organizations and plantation trade unions are the reasons for the flaws in housing for the upcountry people," the human rights activist and researcher, S. Balakrishnan, told BBC Tamil.

He went on to say:

“Upcountry Tamils were only treated as commodities, such as teas, not as citizens. Their rights are not respected and nor were there any preparations made to guarantee their needs.”

“There is no one to think about the standards of the housing for the upcountry people."


Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
Commonwealth head calls for ‘legitimate Tamil concerns’ to be addressed

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma called for a reduction of the Sri Lankan military;s role in the Northern Province, saying this was important to address Tamil people’s legitimate concerns.

Speaking at the conclusion of his visit to Jaffna, Sharma said there were concerns about the restriction and monitoring of locals and those visiting the province.

“The steps that needed to be taken to empower the people affected by the conflict include addressing legitimate concerns about restricted and monitored movement of both the citizens of the province and those visiting them for lawful purposes,” he said, according to The Hindu.

“A continued reduction of the military role in civilian life in the (northern) province was important to see legitimate concerns of Tamils being addressed,” he added.

Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
IDPs suffer as Vali North camp flooded
Internally displaced persons at the Mallakam, Konappulam welfare centre in Valikaamam North are without basic amenities after the monsoon rains lef the camp flooded.

The residents, who have been displaced for over 25 years after the Sri Lankan military took over their lands, have complained that no relief has been provided to them, reports Uthayan.


Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
Sri Lanka’s Church confirms papal visit

The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka has confirmed that the visit of Pope Francis to the island wil go ahead as scheduled, despite the controversy regarding the presidential election, due to occur in the same time period.

“We wish to affirm that as it stands the visit of the Holy Father to Sri Lanka will take place as scheduled,” a statement issued by Church spokesperson Cyril Gamini said.

“We request the Catholic faithful of this country to pray that God will help all of us to make the Holy Father’s visit to the country a success,” he further said.

The Church previously said it would reconsider the visit in view of the poll, as it would be “inappropriate” for the pontiff to visit during the election period.

Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
BBS endorses Rajapaksa, calls on Muslims to vote for ruling party
Mahinda Rajapaksa is the “genuine” common candidate for Sri Lanka, said the general secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) reports the

Confirming that the BBS would not field a candidate for the presidential elections at a press conference held in Colombo, Gnanasera Thero, said,

“By any mean, it is not our duty to contest for the elections. Even in the history, it was monks who guided their successors to the throne. Likewise, we do the same.”

The Buddhist monk then encouraged Sri Lankan Muslims to vote for the ruling party, asserting that “Sri Lanka is the country in which the Muslims are treated well.”
Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
17 year old boy missing in Jaffna

2nd lead

A 17* year old boy has been reported missing in Jaffna, reports Uthayan.

The boy, Rasaratnam Jeevan from Kurunagar in Jaffna, has not been seen since October 24 when he left his home to go the play area.

His parents filed a complaint with Jaffna police on Monday, however, the police accused the boy of theft and said the boy had ran away during an arrest


Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
UN counterterrorism officials to visit Jaffna

Officials from the UN Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) are due to visit Jaffna during their trip to Sri Lanka, where they will assess the country’s approach in countering terrorism.

According to the Daily Mirror, a press release stated that the delegation will stress the significance of a comprehensive approach to countering terrorism in adherence with the rule of law, including human rights, as requested by the Security Council.

Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
UNP MP objects to ‘desecration’ of Anuradhapura by nightclub

An MP from the opposition UNP has complained in parliament that a nightclub is desecrating Anuradhapura, a city held sacred by Sinhala Buddhists.

P Harrison, who is the parliamentary representative of the city, said it was unacceptable for anyone to operate a night club within the “sacred city where the hallowed Jayasri Maha Bodhi and Ruwanweliseya are located”, according to the Daily Mirror.

Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Google releases free satellite images of Nagarkovil to monitor resettlement
Google has made satellite images of Nagarkovil available for free in order to monitor progress on resettlement, as part of an initiative to release data free for humanitarian and climate change projects. 

Google, which bought the satellite image company Skybox Imaging earlier this year, is releasing data in order to "leverage our imaging capability for positive change in the world", the company's co-founder, Julian Mann said at the annual Geo for Good User Summit this month.

"In my new role on the Google Earth Outreach team, I have been astounded by the way these tools have changed how our partners do their work and tell their amazing stories. I have also learned that one of the most frequent questions is “Can you get us newer images of this place?” And I’m excited to say that now the answer is “YES, we can get new satellite imagery for you!” said Mann.


Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
‘We will never compromise on India’s national security’ – Sri Lanka

The head of the Sri Lankan navy has reassured India over concern it recently expressed over China’s influence in the country.

Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera told ANI that there is no Chinese military presence on the island, and that Beijing’s interest in Sri Lanka was commercial.

“We have very good co-operation with India. We will never compromise on national security of India. India's security is our security. Not only Chinese, even the Russians and other countries also we have very good relationship, we are non-aligned country," he said.

"They are coming normally for operational goodwill visit... For your information there is no Chinese military presence.... the interest is very commercial."

Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Man arrested by TID officers for distributing UN inquiry forms lost family in 2009
06:42 GMT

The man arrested by Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) officers on October 24 in Kilinochchi for distributing evidence collection forms for the OHCHR Investigation into Sri Lanka (OISL), has been identified as a victim of war crimes.

Sinnathampi Kirishnarajah

The man, Sinnathampi Kirishnarajah, was a father of six children from Mulankaavil, in the Mullaitivu district, but lost his family in the final stage of the armed conflict in 2009, sources in Mullaitivu told Tamil Guardian.

He was arrested and charged over the documents in his possession and his attempt to distribute these within the village, and taken to Vavuniya northern TID head office for further questioning. 

Following the loss of his own family, Kirishnarajah had taken part in many demonstrations and protests seeking justice for those who were massacred by the Sri Lankan state forces.

He previously lived in Iranaimaatha Nagar, a transition village of Iranaitheevu Island on the west coast of Mullaitivu, however he was evicted in 1990, following the Sri Lankan navy occupation. 
Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Posters in Colombo warn against commemorating enforced disappearances
Anonymous posters in Colombo have warned against rights activists seeking to commemorate enforced disappearances, calling such work, the work of "dollar crows".

The posters, with Sinhala writing, have been condemned by Colombo based rights organisations, as well as the Asian Human Rights Commission.

"This attack, by way of publicly exhibiting the posters of those concerned with the plight of their fellow men and women and labeling them as “dollar crows”, needs to be condemned as a barbaric attack. Attacking the commemoration of the dead is an attack on civilization itself," the AHRC said in a statement.

"While calling upon the government to investigate and take legal action against those responsible for the illegal posters, the AHRC also urges the government to protect this commemorative meeting," it added. The meeting was set to take place today.

 International Affairs
Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
Israeli police shoot journalists covering Palestinian protests
Protests following the funeral of a 14 year old Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers were met with a strong  police clamp down on Monday.

Two photographers, including one working for the Associated Press (AP), were hit by rubber bullets fired by Israeli policemen at close range reports the Huffington Post.

The AP has said it will lodge complaints with the Israeli military, police and government.

A senior managing editor for international news, John Daniszewski, said the shooting was an example of “reckless disregard for the safety of journalists who were doing their job in a lawful way.”

Describing the incident, the AP photographer said he was amongst several clearly identifiable journalists before an armoured vehicle pulled up in front of them and fired directly at them.

"The impact was so strong that it made me fall to the ground," he said. "The policeman aimed straight at us, even though we were clearly a group of media people and there were no protesters at all around us,” said Majdi Mohammed.

Lazar Simeonov, a Swiss freelance photographer that was also shot, said,

“After the incident I also tried to talk to the soldiers and asked them why they shot at us but they didn't want to hear anything and just smiled and told me to go away.”
Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
UN, UK and US express concern at Israeli settlement plans in Palestine
Israel’s planned settlements violated international law and would raise “grave concerns” regarding its commitment towards a durable peace with the Palestinians said a senior UN political chief, reports the BBC.

Britain said that the settlement activity made it harder for Israel’s friends to defend it against accusations that questioned Israel’s commitment to peace.

A White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, said,

"The fact is the United States has repeatedly made clear our view that settlement activity is illegitimate, and only serves to complicate efforts to achieve a two-state solution in the region.”

The comments came after the UN convened a special meeting to discuss escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine on Thursday.
Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
Sweden formally recognises Palestine
Sweden formally recognised the state of Palestine on Thursday, becoming the first European Union member to do so, reports AFP.

The decision, which came ahead of schedule, has been criticised by Israel.

“Some will claim that today’s decision comes too early. I’m rather afraid it’s too late,” Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom wrote in the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

“The past year, we’ve seen how the peace negotiations once again have halted, how decisions on new settlements on occupied Palestinian land have obstructed a two-state solution and how violence has returned to Gaza.”

Hungary, Poland and Slovakia recognised the state of Palestine before joining the EU.


Tamil Guardian 30 October 2014
Realisation of right to self-determination vital for international peace says UN expert
The realisation of the right to self-determination is fundamental in maintaining local, regional and international peace and must be seen as an important conflict prevention strategy, said the United Nations independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order.

Presenting his third report the UN General Assembly on Monday, Alfred de Zayas, said,

“Over the past decades too many conflicts have started because of the denial of the legitimate aspiration of peoples to achieve their human rights, including the right to internal or external self-determination.”

The UN expert called for a strategy to ensure that a recurring questions regarding self-determination were addressed and that a proactive role was taken by the UN to mediate existing and potential crises associated with self-determination, reports

“In examining claims for self-determination, the advantages of what is referred to as ‘internal self-determination’, like autonomy and federalism, should be realistically considered for stability and continuity. External self-determination should be sought only when there is a serious impasse and the other solutions to guarantee the right within existing state entities, do not lead to adequate solutions,” said Zayas.
Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
Bangladesh war crimes tribunal sentences opposition leader to death
The chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Bangladesh was sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, including genocide, torture and rape during the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan, reports Reuters.

“Considering the gravity of crimes, the tribunal punished him with the death sentence,£ a Bangladeshi state prosecutor told press.

News of the verdict has sparked several violent protests from supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, resulting in the deployment of thousands of Bangladeshi police officers across major cities.

The latest verdict is the 10th since the tribunal was set up by the Bangladeshi prime minister in 2010 to investigate abuses during the independence war.

Human Rights Watch has previously noted that the Bangladeshi war crimes tribunal’s procedures fall short of international standards.
Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
UK cannot leave EU without backing of each home nation – Nicola Sturgeon

The leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon said the UK cannot leave the European Union as the result of a referendum, unless each nation returns a majority vote in the proposed referendum on membership.

Sturgeon said in an interview with BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland, that if a referendum bill was proposed in the Commons, the SNP would table an amendment requiring that for the UK to leave the EU, it would need "not just a majority across the whole UK but a majority in each one of the four nations - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland".

"If you look at states like Australia and Canada there are some circumstances where changes to their constitution requires not just a majority across the country but in each of the provinces as well.

"The UK is not a unitary state it is a family of nations, it is made up of the four home nations.

"We were told during the referendum that each of these nations had equal status, that our voices mattered.

"If that is the case I think it is right that something that would have such significant consequences for jobs, for the economy, for our standing in the world, it should require the consent of not just the UK as a whole but that family of nations."

Tamil Guardian 29 October 2014
FSA rebels arrive in Kobane to support Kurds

Rebels from the Free Syrian Army have arrived in Kobane to support Kurdish fighters defending the town against 6-week long assault by the Islamic State.

FSA commander Col Abdul Jabbar al-Oqaidi, told the BBC’s Arabic service that "around 200 fighters" had entered the Kobane to help the defenders.

Kurdish Peshmerga from Iraq are also on their way to Kobane, travelling through Turkey, who are still blocking local Kurds from joining the Kurdish People's Defence Units (YPG) spearheading the defence of Kobane, due to their links to the PKK, who are listed as a terrorist group in the country.

Fighting in the town is ongoing, with IS militants in control of about 40% of Kobane. US airstrikes have brought some relief to embattled YPG fighters, halting the IS advance.

Peshmerga en route to Kobane (28 October 2014)

Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
China ‘to protect’ whistleblowers

Chinese officials said on Tuesday that whistleblowers exposing corruption would receive legal protection, the latest move in the government’s crackdown on corruption, reported Reuters.

The Supreme People's Procuratorate, the country’s top prosecuting body, said in a statement that new regulations would clarify the rights of whistleblowers.

"The 'regulations governing the work of whistleblowers' require that when the prosecutor's office receives a whistleblowing report from someone giving their real name, it has to assess the risks from the whistleblowing and develop whistleblower protection plans when necessary to prevent and end acts of retaliation against the whistleblowers," the statement said.

Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
Peshmerga forces deployed to defend Kobane from Islamic State militants
Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq set out towards the Syrian town of Kabani to help Kurdish militants fight against the advancing Islamic State militants on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

A senior official in the Kurdistan Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that Peshmerga combatants were flying from Erbil airport in northern Iraq to Turkey, where they would travel on land to Kobane.

A US envoy tasked with building a coalition against Islamic State militants, Brett McGurk, welcoming the development, tweeted,

“We welcome the deployment of Peshmerga fighters and weapons from the Kurdistan Region to Kobane, which began this evening.”

The US and allied forces carried out 13 air attacks on Islamic state militants laying siege to the city of Kobane.

The Peshmerga, known for their devout commitment to the Kurdish nationalist cause and regarded as well-trained, well-armed and capable, are the Iraqi kurdish military force of the Kurdish struggle for self-determination. The term Peshmerga translates to ‘those who follow death.’
Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
Another ‘mass grave’ discovered during search for Mexican students

Mexican authorities have discovered another suspected mass grave during their search for 43 students who disappeared after clashes with police.

Attorney general Jesus Murillo Karam said that suspects arrested last week provided information leading to the discovery.

Karam said police officers had confessed to handing over the students to drug gangs in the southern state of Guerrerro.

"We have the people who carried out the abduction of these individuals," Karam told reporters.

Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
North Korea envoy meets with UN investigator amid calls for ICC referral
North Korea's envoy met with a UN rights investigator, Marzuki Darusman, on Monday amid calls for the country to be referred to the International Criminal Court.

The meeting was to discuss "future cooperation in the area of human rights", a North Korean official told AFP.

On Wednesday, Darusman, who was also on the Panel of Experts to present a report on Sri Lanka's mass atrocities, is to present a report to the UN General Assembly.

The report is believed to call on the UN member states to seek a Security Council referral to the ICC and consider sanctions, to ensure North Korea to face justice for war crimes, which were detailed by a UN Commission of Inquiry earlier this year.

The EU and Japan have already tabled a draft resolution calling on the Security Council to "take appropriate action". China however, expressed scepticism.


Tamil Guardian 28 October 2014
EU justice mission in Kosovo accused of graft
European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in Kosovo has been accused graft, in documents leaked by a prosecutor to a national newspaper, Koha Ditore.

The leaked documents reportedly reveal an investigation is being carried out into allegations that senior EULEX officials dropped some criminal charges in Kosovo in exchange for money, reports Reuters.

EULEX declined to comment on the leak. "[EULEX does not comment on] any ongoing investigation, or any leaked document," the body said in a writtern reply to Reuters.

"Allegations are receiving the follow up required," it added.

EULEX was formed to deal with criminal cases deemed too sensitive to be dealt by the local judicial system, included that of war crimes.
Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Kurdistan set to double oil pipeline capacity
Iraqi Kurdistan will double its oil exporting capacity through Turkey industry sources said on Monday.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) confirmed plans to expand its oil pumping capacity from 280,000 bpd to 400,000 bpd, reports

“There is further technical upgrade work ongoing right now and once that is finished, the pipeline capacity will reach its designed volume which is 700,000 bpd,” an industry source told Reuters.

Baghdad continues to label independent Kurdish oil exports illegal, however a continuous order book for Kurdish oil seems to have been established with at least two tankers a week being loaded with Kurdish oil at Turkish ports.

Kurdistan sells oil to US, defies Baghdad
(29 July 2014)
Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Pro-European parties in Ukraine set to form unity government after sweeping election polls
Both the pro-western ruling and opposition part are expected to win most of the votes in in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections reports the BBC.

President Petro Portoshenko’s party and Arseniy Yatseniuk’s opposition party are tied on votes with half the counting completed.

The US President, commended the Ukrainian elections as “an important milestone in Ukarine’s democratic development.”

Portosheko and Yatseniuyk have already begun power sharing talks, with the president announcing that he expected to form a unity government within weeks.

“The main task is to quickly form a pro-European coalition for carrying out agreements with the EU,” said the opposition leader. Yatseniuk. at a meeting with international election observers.

International observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe welcomed the election process, noting that it had “largely upheld democratic commitments,” reports
Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Egyptian military given new powers

Egypt’s President General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi has given increased powers to his military, authorising soldiers to protect state facilities, including power plants, gas pipelines, and oil fields.

The move comes after a deadly attack by militants, which left over 30 soldiers dead in the Sinai peninsula last Friday.

The new decree allows the army to work with the police to protect key buildings and infrastructure for at least 2 years, but critics say the law is too broadly defined and universities could also fall under the military’s purview.

Presidential spokesperson Alaa Youssef told the BBC the decree was aimed at tackling terrorism, not protesters and that it was a limited, proportional response to recent attacks by militants.

Tamil Guardian 27 October 2014
Ruling party loses Tunisia elections

Tunisia’s Ennahda party has conceded defeat by the secular Nidaa Tounes party in the country’s second election since the overthrow of dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Official results are yet to be announced, however Ennahda party officials congratulated the winners.

“We have accepted this result and congratulate the winner,” Ennahda’s Lotfi Zitoun, told Reuters.

Ennahda became the first Islamist party to win elections in the Arab spring and ruled for two years in the newly-democratic Tunisia.

Zitoun said the party called for a unity government, including Ennahda, in the interest of the country.

Tamil Guardian 26 October 2014
Israel killed American citizen - US State Department

The US says a Palestinian-American youth was killed by Israeli troops during clashes on Friday and demanded a swift and transparent investigation.

Orwah Hammad, 14, was shot in the head in the Palestinian village of Silwad, near Ramallah.

An Israeli army spokesman told Reuters Israeli forces "managed to prevent an attack when they encountered a Palestinian man hurling a molotov cocktail at them on the main road next to Silwad. They opened fire and they confirmed a hit."

US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki called for a "speedy and transparent investigation."

"The United States expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a U.S. citizen minor who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces during clashes in Silwad on October 24," she said, adding that US officials would remain "closely engaged with the local authorities, who have the lead on this investigation."

Tamil Guardian 26 October 2014
Heavy fighting across northern Lebanon

Clashes between militants and the Lebanese army continued for a third day in the north of the country.

The violence erupted after troops raided a militant hideout in the region, with fighting since then concentrated on Lebanon's second city of Tripoli.

The al-Nusra front, linked to al-Qaeda and Isis, warned the forces to halt their operations to clear areas occupied by the militants, and threatened to execute captive soldiers.

"We warn the Lebanese army against any military escalation targeting Sunnis in Tripoli," the group said in a statement quoted by AFP news agency.


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