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Tamil Guardian 01 February 2015
Sri Lanka's new govt to maintain ban on Tamil diaspora groups
Sri Lanka's new government said it hopes to maintain proscription of several Tamil diaspora organisations that have been at the forefront of the call for accountability and justice for mass atrocities committed against the Tamil people during the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ajith P. Perera, was quoted by the Sunday Leader newspaper as saying: "the new government hope to maintain the status quo on the ban imposed on the organisations that were alleged to have links with the terrorist organisation."


Tamil Guardian 01 February 2015
Sri Lanka's new president receives more blessings from Buddhist monks

In his latest visit to a Buddhist sacred site, Sri Lanka's new president, Maithripala Sirisena this weekend visited Mahiyangana, receiving blessings from the Buddhist clergy at the local Buddhist temple.


Tamil Guardian 01 February 2015
Body found washed up in Batticaloa
The body of Tamil man was found washed up on the Kaaththaankudi shoreline in Batticaloa district on Sunday morning, reports BattiNews.

The dead man has been identified as 30 year old Vasanthakumar from Muthalaikkuda.

Tamil Guardian 31 January 2015
Sri Lankan army recruits Tamil youth as military tradesmen

The Sri Lankan military, under the directions of Major General Jagath Dias, recruited 34 Tamil youths from Mullaitivu as tradesmen this month, the military said.

The training, which will be in Tamil and Sinhala, will last 16 weeks, following which the recruits will be placed to serve as mechanics, electricians, welders, plumbers and masons to the army.

The military's hold on employment and economy in the Tamil areas has been heavily criticised. This week, the Northern Province's chief minister, C V Wigneswaran, said the militarisation of the Tamil areas was the most important issue facing the Tamil people.


Tamil Guardian 31 January 2015
Govt introduces loan scheme for disabled Sri Lankan soldiers
Sri Lanka's new government introduced this week a special loan scheme for disabled Sri Lankan soldiers via state owned banks.

The 'Viru Daru' scheme, which was presented to parliament on Thursday, has a budget of upto Rs. 500,000, the state news agency reported.

The Sri Lankan military, which stands accused of carrying out mass atrocities against the Tamil people during the final stages of the armed conflict in 2009, as well as ongoing human rights violations of murder, rape, and torture of Tamils, consists
almost entirely of Sinhala personnel.

Tamil Guardian 31 January 2015
UK minister calls on Sri Lanka to cooperate with UN inquiry as he concludes visit
The UK's Foreign Office minister, Hugo Swire, called on the new Sri Lankan government to "work together with the international community at the UN Human Rights Council, and will co-operate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ investigation into alleged war crimes during the final stage of the Sri Lankan conflict", following a three day visit to the island, where he met with the new president, Maithripala Sirisena, and Tamil representatives and refugees in Jaffna.

In a statement on the conclusion of his visit on Friday, Mr Swire reiterated that long-term peace on the island "will need to include the establishment of a long-term political settlement in the North, and credible processes for reconciliation and accountability to tackle the issues that remain following Sri Lanka’s long conflict."


Tamil Guardian 31 January 2015
President appoints new Chief Justice
A senior Sri Lankan judge, K Sripavan, was sworn in as the new Chief Justice of Sri Lanka on Friday, by the president, Maithripala  Sirisena.

Justice Sripavan, who is of Tamil ethnicity, replaces the former chief justice, Shirani Bandaranayake, whose impeachment during the former government's rule led to the appointment of Mohan Peiris.

The appointment of senior judicial posts in Sri Lanka has faced criticism through the years, with critics arguing the appointments should be conducted by an independent commission, than by the president for political reasons.


Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
Sirisena-government ignored Tamils in budget - TNA MP

The TNA spokesperson Suresh Premachandran charged that the new government, under President Maithripala Sirisena, has ignored Tamil concerns in the latest interim budget,  saying it was a continuation of the policy of every previous government, reported the Uthayan.

The MP said the budget was populist and designed to address immediate concerns, with a view on the parliamentary election, to be held some time later this year.

"Gas, petrol prices have been reduced, therefore this is a budget to make the ordinary people happy. However, I represent Tamil people’s concerns and thousands of Tamil people needs to be resettled, but no proposals with regards to them have been cited in this budget', he said.

'Similarly, there is no mention of the budget allocation or proposals for those that are waiting to be resettled. [...] Every government forgets [about Tamils] in some way, this is what can be observed. Even in this budget, they forgot about the minimum [requirement of] resettlement for the Tamil people." Mr Premachandrn said.

Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
Relatives of disappeared protest in Batticaloa

Photos: Battinews

Protestors in Batticaloa demanded to know the whereabouts of people who were disappeared from 1958 to more recent times, urging the new government to provide answers, Battinews reported.

Relatives of the disappeared were joined at the Gandhi Square by TNA MPs P Ariyenenthiran and Pon Selvarasa, who were given a petition by the protestors, calling on President Maithripala Sirisena to take action.

Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
‘Hold perpetrators to account for their actions’ in Sri Lanka says British PM

British Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated his call for Sri Lanka’s new government to address matters of international concern and hold perpetrators of abuses of international law to account for their actions.

Wishing the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils his best wishes at their annual dinner on Thursday evening, the British prime minister said that he has “long believed that establishing the truth is a crucial step to help families understand what happened to their loved ones, and help heal the scars of war.”

Stating that he was “incredibly proud of the instrumental role [Britain] played in delivering the March 2014 UN Human Rights Council resolution that mandated” an international investigation into mass atrocities, Mr Cameron added that there was still more to be done in Sri Lanka.

“The OISL investigation in itself is not reconciliation or accountability,” said Mr Cameron. “It is important that the report is considered by the new Sri Lankan Government as they seek to reconcile and hold perpetrators to account for their actions.”


Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
International war crimes investigation is the only first step says UK opposition leader

The leader of the UK Labour Party Ed Miliband repeated his call for an independent international investigation into mass atrocities, stating it would be the first step towards satisfying Tamil grievances around the world.

In a video message to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils annual dinner, Mr Milband called on Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to “fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation” being carried out by the UN Office of the High Commission for Human Rights.

“I am very clear,” said the UK opposition leader.

“Only a full and transparent independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes can be the first step towards satisfying and allaying the deep hurt and grievances of Tamils in Britain and around the world.”


Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
Tamils have no trust in local inquiry by Sri Lankan govt says TNA spokesperson
The spokesperson of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the Tamil people have no trust in a local inquiry process by the Sri Lankan government into mass atrocities committed against the Tamils at the end of the armed conflict, rejecting the new government's pledge to launch another domestic commission to investigate the allegations.

Stating that the UN inquiry, which is underway and due to publish its findings at the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva next month, was "trustworthy and acceptable to all", the spokesperson, Suresh Premachandran, said the "the current Sri Lankan government must firstly accept that report [by the UN inquiry]" and cooperate with future steps by the council.

Speaking to local journalists on Wednesday, Mr Premachandran said: "Everyone in Sri Lanka knows what happened to former internal inquiry reports. Either they [the reports] have not been implemented or an inquiry itself has not been conducted."


Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
Sri Lankan military must be removed from North, Wigneswaran tells UK minister
The removal of the Sri Lankan military from the Tamil areas is the most important issue at present, the chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran told the UK's Minister for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hugo Swire during a visit to Jaffna on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters afterwards about his meeting with Mr Swire, Mr Wigneswaran said he had also warned
of the change in the ethnic demography of the Tamil areas due to state sponsored resettlement of Sinhala people.

Asked by the visiting UK delegation what change the Northern Province had experienced since the new government, Mr Wigneswaran said: "I told them the new government appears to be giving us some benefits [such as] the changing of the governor [to the province] from a military person to a civilian.

"However, these are very small issues," he added. "If we look at big issues, removing the military is an important."


Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
New Sri Lankan govt says 'thinking of having our own local inquiry'
Sri Lanka's new government said it was thinking of launching its own local inquiry as an answer to allegations of mass atrocities committed against the Tamil people during the final stages of the armed conflict, currently under investigation by the UN's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“We are thinking of having our own inquiry acceptable to them to the international standards,” the government's spokesperson, Rajitha Seneviratne told press in Colombo on Wednesday.

“It will be a new local inquiry. If we need, we will bring some foreign experts.”

The decision to hold an yet another internal inquiry remains controversial however, with the
UK and Canadian governments urging the new president, Maithripala Sirisena, to cooperate with the UN inquiry already underway, and Tamils in the North-East and diaspora, calling for an international process in order to ensure the necessary independence and credibility.


Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
Confusion remains over Sri Lanka's pledge to return land to Tamils says Wigneswaran
The chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran said confusion remained about whether the land belonging to Tamils in the North would be returned to its rightful owners, despite an announcement on Thursday by Sri Lanka's new government that it would give back the lands.

Mr Wigneswaran who met with the UK minister for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hugo Swire today in Jaffna, said that the visiting UK delegation had asked about the government's announcement.

"I replied, it has been announced, however, the prime minister has already said that they will not reduce the number of military camps. Therefore this creates some confusion," Mr Wigneswaran told reporters after the meeting with Mr Swire.


Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
‘Many challenges’ remain, says Hugo Swire in Jaffna

Hugo Swire with members of the Jaffna Press Club

Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Hugo Swire, visiting Sri Lanka this week, said that the people of Jaffna still “face many challenges”, following meetings with Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran and journalists from the Jaffna Press Club today.

Commenting on his visit Mr Swire stated he was “pleased to have visited Jaffna”, adding,

“Northern Sri Lanka suffered much throughout the country’s long conflict and the people there still face many challenges. This was part of the reason why Prime Minister David Cameron also prioritised visiting Jaffna when he was in Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2013.”


Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
'Only one way to shield Gotabhaya from war crimes prosecution' - Ryan Goodman

Sri Lanka’s former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would only be safe from war crimes prosecution by the United States under one condition, writes Ryan Goodman – if the Sri Lankan government were to prosecute him for war crimes themselves.

Mr Goodman, Professor of Law and Co-Chair of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law, cited Sri Lanka’s “long-standing extradition agreement” with the United States which obligates Sri Lanka to extradite “persons sought by the authorities of the [United States] for trial or punishment for an extraditable offence.”

“Sri Lanka has already formally agreed to give the United States access to criminal suspects in such cases,” says Goodman.


Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
Tamils in Batticaloa remember 1987 Kokkadichcholai massacre

Remembering the 83 Tamils shot dead by Sri Lanka's elite police officers in Kokkadichcholai on January 27 1987, residents of Batticaloa held a memorial event on Wednesday.

The Special Task Force (STF) officers raided a prawn factory in the village in the East, shooting dead the workers, which including seven boys aged between 12 to 14.

Relatives of those who were massacred lay candles and flowers in their memory.

"Martyrs may die, sacrifice never dies," read a memorial banner by the event organisers, the Ilangai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK).


 International Affairs
Tamil Guardian 31 January 2015
Ukraine peace-talks collapse
Peace talks between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian militants collapsed on Saturday with no tangible progress towards a new ceasefire between the conflicting parties, reports Reuters.

Ukraine’s representative, Leonid Kuchma, loft the talks in Belarus, blaming separatists for undermining the talks by making ultimatums ad refusing to discuss plans for a new ceasefire.

A separatist official, Denis Pushilin, told reporters denied claims and said that the militants were ready for talks, and where being undermined by Ukrainian ultimatums.

The collapse of the peace-talks come as the EU said on Friday that it would extend sanctions on Russia for its involvement in causing instability in eastern regions of Ukraine.

The past week has seen an escalation in violence between the conflicting sides.
Tamil Guardian 31 January 2015
Kurdish fighters re-capture Kobane
Kurdish ground forces, supported by US led airstrikes retook, the Syrian town of Kobane from Islamic State militants, US Lieutenant-General James Terry confirmed on Saturday.

A statement issued by the US military, said, “Kurdish ground forces, supported by our air components, were successful in retaking the town of Kobane.”

“Kurdish forces continue to expand their positions to surrounding areas outside of Kobane by seizing key terrain routes,” the statement added.

The United States and its allies has launched over 700 air strikes against Islamic State militants around Kobane.
Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
EU foreign ministers agree on extended sanctions on Russia
European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, agreed to impost new sanctions over Russia's alleged involvement in propping separatist militants in Ukraine, reports Deutche Welle.

The EU Foreign Policy co-ordinator, Federica Mogherini, told reporters in Brussels, no Thursday that she and the bloc's foreign ministers had agreed on a new list of people to be target by sanctions.

Ms Mogherini added that the EU was prepared to take further action , stating,

" We have shown that the EU is ready to take further measures and to prepare further measures in the weeks to come if the situation doesn't improve."

The German Foreign Minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier, adding to warnings of further action, said,

"If there were large military offensives, for example with widespread assaults on Mariupol, a clear reaction would be needed."

The fresh set of sanctions came as the peace talks between the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian militants failed amidst heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Seven civilians were killed in Debaltseve, east of the militant-held city of Donetsk.
The past week saw fighting escalate between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian militants.
Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
At least 40 dead in bomb blast at Shia mosque in Pakistan

A bomb blast at a Shia mosque in the Sindh province of Pakistan as left at least 40 people dead.

The attack in Shikarpur came soon after Friday prayers and was claimed by Jundullah militants, who are linked to the Pakistani Taliban.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the incident and ordered an immediate investigation into the attack.

Mr Sharif is currently on a visit to Karachi, the capital of the province in the south of the country.

Tamil Guardian 30 January 2015
International war crimes tribunal upholds convictions on perteptrators fo Srebrenica genocdie
A judge at the United Nations Yugoslav tribunal upheld convictions of five men for their role in the Srebrenica massacre, reports the BBC.

The men, who were convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), appealed against their convictions for range of atrocities including genocide.

Two men mean lost their appeals against the charge of genocide, and had their life sentences upheld.

The ICTY has concluded 141 proceedings, with 15 others still ongoing before the court.
Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
EU to discuss new Russia sanctions

Russia may face new EU sanctions over support to separatist rebels in the east of Ukraine.

EU foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels on Thursday to debate fresh sanctions, on top of the already existing asset freezes and travel bans on Russian officials and Ukrainian separatist leaders.

"If we see no signs of improvement we should proceed with further sanctions," Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius told the BBC.

"How many people should be killed in order to realise that lines were crossed many times?"

The US also indicated it is considering further sanctions.

"As long as Russia continues its blatant disregard of its obligations... the costs for Russia will continue to rise," US Vice President Joe Biden is reported to have told Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, during a phone conversation on Wednesday.

Tamil Guardian 29 January 2015
Targeted sanctions and ICC prosecutions needed in Libya – Amnesty International

Amnesty International called on the United Nations Security Council to impose targeted sanctions including travel bans and asset freezes against those involved in violating international humanitarian law in Libya, alongside prosecutions through the International Criminal Court (ICC), in a briefing released this week.

“Unless the international community demonstrates the will to investigate war crimes and hold perpetrators accountable, the cycle of abuses and the suffering of victims is likely to worsen,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International. “This climate of impunity compounded by lawlessness must be ended.”


Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
Castro demands US hand back Guantanamo Bay

Cuba’s President Raul Castro has called for the return of the military base at Guantanamo Bay from the United States and the lifting of blockades on the country before the establishment of diplomatic relations.

In a speech at a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, Castro also called for the removal of Cuba from a terror list and reparations for damages. His speech comes after the two countries agreed to attempt to normalise diplomatic relations last month, with high-level talks being held in Havana last week.

Mr Castro said that “the reestablishment of diplomatic relations is the start of a process of normalising bilateral relations". However, he went on to say, "but this will not be possible while the blockade still exists, while they don't give back the territory illegally occupied by the Guantanamo naval base."


Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
Islamic State 'rejects' Jordanian hostage counter offer

A voice recording, purportedly by the Islamic State, says a Jordanian pilot held by the group will be executed, if an Iraqi prisoner held by Jordan is not released by sunset on Thursday.

The militant group had demanded the release of failed suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi in exchange for their Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, but Jordan said it would only free Ms Rishawi if Jordanian air force pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh is also released.

The latest voice clip, which is currently being investigated by Japan, appears to have Mr Goto conveying Islamic State's rejection of the counter offer and demands Ms Rishawi's release.

Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
Hezbollah-Israel clashes leave three dead

Heavy fighting erupted between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters on the border with Lebanon, leaving two Israeli soldiers and one UN peacekeeper dead.

Missiles were launched at Israeli targets in the Shebaa Farm area in the Golan Heights, which is occupied by Israel and claimed by Lebanon as their territory. The Israeli army responded by launching artillery fire and air strikes into southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah said the attacks were in response to an Israeli air strike last week which killed several of its fighters.

Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
Egypt slams ‘Western reports’ on deaths of protestors

The Egyptian government slammed “reviews by some Western countries” over the killing of an Egyptian activist and other protestors in pro-democracy protests last week.

Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, a 31-year-old activist, was shot dead during the protests marking the fifth anniversary of the uprising that toppled former president Hosni Mubarak. Her death, captured in graphic images and shared across social networks, was reportedly caused by the firing of guns by Egypt’s security forces and has sparked outrage across the country.

While the Egyptian government initially denied security forces were involved in the death, they have since stated an investigation into the killing has been opened.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry though slammed “Western reports” of the deaths, saying “it is strange how such reviews failed to convey the reality, choosing to turn a blind eye to acts of killing, burning and horror conducted by supporters of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group”.


Tamil Guardian 28 January 2015
Manus Island refugees to be deported 'within weeks’

The prime minister of Papua New Guinea said most of the refugees being held at the Australian-run detention centre in Manus Island are not genuine asylum seekers and are to be deported “within weeks”.

Describing most of the refugees as “economic migrants”, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told ABC,

"Most of the other people who are in the processing centre: we're now talking to their governments and we will start repatriating many of them in a very short time."

Protests involving hundreds of asylum seekers erupted at the detention centre earlier this month, with many stating their asylum claims have not yet been processed.

Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition told the BBC "[Mr O'Neill] is in no place to know whether they are [economic refugees] or not… There has been no determination assessment."

He went on to add that the news of deportation "undermines confidence that there is any respect for refugee law".


Tamil Guardian 27 January 2015
Violent clashes at UN base in Mali

Clashes between peacekeepers and protestors at a UN base in Mali have left at least two people dead and several injured, including two UN officers.

Protestors had gathered to voice their opposition to reports of a UN plan to create a buffer zone in the region around Gao, claiming it would favour separatist Tuareg militants.

Local radio journalist Aboubacrine Abouhayata and witness Attouyoube Maiga told AP news agency that UN officers fired live rounds of ammunition.

"Here in the morgue in Gao we have at least three dead protesters, some killed by gunshot wounds... There are also several serious injuries," a hospital official is quoted by AFP news agency as saying.

Tamil Guardian 27 January 2015
Auschwitz survivors mark 70th anniversary of camp liberation

Survivors from the Auschwitz concentration camp marked the 70th anniversary of its liberation by calling on the international community to never be bystanders in the face of genocide, as world leaders paid tribute on Tuesday.

At a ceremony in Auschwitz to mark the occasion, Holocaust survivors spoke in front of dozens of world leaders urging them to ensure such atrocities that took place at the concentration camp, occur never again.

“You should never be a bystander”, said Holocaust survivor Roman Kent at the site in Poland. "We survivors do not want our past to be our children's future.”

Approximately 1.1 million were killed at the camp between 1940 and 1945, before Soviet troops loiberated it. The overwhelming majority of those killed were Jewish.

“A minute in Auschwitz was like an entire day, a day was like a year, and a month an eternity,” continued Kent. “How many eternities can one person have in a single lifetime?”

Tributes came from leaders across the world with US President Barack Obama saying,

“Honouring the victims and survivors begins with our renewed recognition of the value and dignity of each person. It demands from us the courage to protect the persecuted and speak out against bigotry and hatred. This anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made confronting this terrible chapter in human history and on our continuing efforts to end genocide.”


Tamil Guardian 27 January 2015
Attack on Libyan hotel kills 9 civilians including foreign citizens
Nine civilians including five foreigners were killed after militants attacked a hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Tuesday.

Officials have said that the dead include one US and one French citizen.

The Corinthia Hotel is used by foreign diplomats and government officials. The UN Support Mission in Libya (Unsmil) has hosted various workshops at the venue.

A twitter account linked to the Islamic State militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Several gunman opened fire on the Corinthia Hotel, whilst a car bomb exploded near by reports the BBC.
Tamil Guardian 27 January 2015
ICC backers reject calls to cut funding
Leading funders of the International Criminal Court will reject calls from Israel to cut funding officials told Reuters.

The second largest donor of the ICC, German government said it “couldn’t imagine” cutting funding.

Officials from France, Britain and Italy, told Reuters that their governments, who are the third, fourth and fifth largest funders of the ICC, would not change policy.

Following the ICC’s decision to examine crimes that may have occurred since last June in Palestinian territories, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigfor Lieberman said the country was lobbying states to cut funding to the organisation.
Tamil Guardian 26 January 2015
Rocket attacks targeting Ukrainian civilians amount to war crimes says UN
Rocket attacks on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol by pro-Russian militants that targeted civilians violated international could be considered as war crimes, said the UN political chief on Monday.

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Jeffrey Feltman, said, that the attacks “knowingly targeted civilians,” adding that, “the perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to justice.”

Mr Feltman urged the pro-Russian militants to commit and uphold the cease-fire agreement, and urged “the leadership of the Russian Federation to use their influence to call on the rebels to cease hostilities immediately.”

The US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, told the council that Russia’s goal was to “seize more territory and move the line of Russian-controlled territory deeper an deeper into Ukraine.”
Tamil Guardian 26 January 2015
Syrian opposition arrives in Moscow for internatonally monitored talks
Members of the Syrian opposition aimed to work out common demands to present to the Syrian government which is due to arrive in Moscow for negotiations later this week.

Expectations for a breakthrough in negotiations are low as several opposition members refused to attend the talks, citing Russia’s history of backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reports Reuters.

“We are trying to create an atmosphere of trust, between all sides, including the regime, and with all who are trying to create a ceasefire,” said a senior member of the opposition National Coordination Committee, Majid Habbo.

“Russia is an ally of the regime and an important player in the conflict. We hope they will hear our views and help put pressure on Assad,” added Habbo.

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