Sri Lanka's field marshal pledges to keep military in north-east, refutes responsibility for systemic war crimes

Sri Lanka’s Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka reiterated that the armed forces were not collectively responsible for war crimes stating, “We don’t need to worry about human rights as we are facing allegations due to certain isolated incidents. No one can point fingers at the military as a whole and I take responsibility for the collective conduct of the military.” Speaking to the Sundayleader, Mr Fonseka further added, “In fact it is my greatest pride and glory that I was able to give leadership to win the war”. Speaking at a separate event Fonseka reiterated that the military will not be...

TNA will pressure Sri Lankan govt against anti-terror law

The Tamil National Alliance will pressure the Sri Lankan government against passing new anti-terrorism legislation.

Mannar disappeared families protest Ranil visit

Families of the disappeared protested in Mannar during Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s visit on Friday.

ADB supports project to end water scarcity in North

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is assisting the Sri Lankan government in a project that aims to provide potable and irrigation water for dry zones in the North. The project aims to divert water from the Mahaweli River system to the reservoirs in the North. Specifically, the project aims to retain excess water accumulated through the monsoon flows. It is estimated that the project will provide 260 kilometers of improvements in canals, tunnels, and reservoirs by 2024. Furthermore, upon completion it is estimated that 1 billion cubic meters of water will reach the North annually with the hope...

Sri Lanka's president pledges investigation into disappeared

President Maithripala Sirisena offered new investigations into alleged secret detentions centres would be established to ascertain their whereabouts. Speaking in the former wat zone of Sampur, Mr Sirisena said, “If there are allegations that people are still being held in some locations, the government will set up a mechanism to inspect them.” The announcement comes after Sri Lanka’s prime minister last year said that the disappeared are most likely dead. The North-East has seen intensifying protests related to the plight of the disappeared. Last year, Sri Lanka’s prime minister Ranil...

Sinhalese nationalist group raises racist flag in Killinochchi on May 18

Members of the Mahasen Balakaya Sinhalese nationalist group raised a Sinhala flag in Killionochchi on May 18, a day when Tamils were remembering the Mullivaikkaal massacres. The Sinhalese group members travelled by bus to Killinochichi to raise the flag on a day when Tamils remember thousands of civilians killed by Sri Lanka’s state forces.

President Sirisena pledges to strengthen tri-forces on 'war heroes' commemoration day in Colombo

Sri Lanka’s president Maithripala Sirisena pledged the government towards “strengthening the Tri-forces to fulfil its responsibility for national security,” whilst addressing a ‘war heroes’ commemoration event. Sri Lanka’s armed forces held a War Heroes Commemoration ceremony on May 19 at the War Heroes Memorial in Colombo. The event, organised by the ministry of defence, was attended by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, reports Colombo Page. Entitled, Distinguished felicitation for the dedication shown towards the secured forward march of mother Sri...

Domestic and international pressure reverses police summons for civil society activist

A police summons that was issued for Tamil civil society activist Father Elil over his involvement in organising a Mullivaikkaal memorial event was issued today and reversed hours later, following domestic and international pressure on Sri Lankan authorities. The Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research tweeted earlier today that their programme director Father Elil had been summoned again by Sri Lankan police, and ordered to report to the Special Crimes Division of Mullaitivu police on Monday the 22 nd of May. This marked the third time this week that Father Elil had been called for questioning...

Eight Tamils fired by Southern company in Vavuniya for marking May 18

Eight Tamils in Vavuniya were fired by their Southern company for paying tribute to Mullivaikkaal victims on May 18. The employees of a private motor company had paid tribute after work using the photos of one of their mothers, Rajalakshmi Sivalingam of Puthukudiyirippu, who had been killed in the final stages of the war. A Sinhalese superior in the company discovered the memorial had taken place and fired the eight with immediate effect, as well as reporting them to the police for investigation.

TNPF mark Tamil Genocide Day in Vakarai

Tamil genocide day was marked by TNPF members in Vakarai, Batticaloa on Thursday. Gathering on the banks of the lagoon, the participants lit flames and paid tribute to the tens of thousands massacred by the Sri Lankan state in the final stages of the war.