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Sri Lanka reiterates rejection of foreign judges in war crimes probe

Sri Lanka’s president reiterated his rejection of any foreign involvement in a war crimes probe in Sri Lanka in an interview with Al Jazeera today.

Rejecting any foreign involvement in a war crimes probe for the third time in a week on international media, President Sirisena said,

“We will always act in accordance with the sovereignty of our country and the constitution. We definitely do not need outsiders. We have an unbiased independent judiciary in this country.”

After a damning UN report into Sri Lanka’s mass atrocities, Sirisena’s government co-sponsored a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on accountability and reconciliation that called for the set-up of a war crime court with substantial international involvement.

Sirisena’s most recent remarks fly in the face of the undertakings Sri Lanka made at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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