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Tamil Guardian 29 July 2014
Rohingya community faces severe malnutrition after 2 years in Myanmar refugee camps

United Nations says that 135,000 ethnic Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar remain in refugee camps and face malnutrition, 2 years after they were first forced to vacate their homes amidst escalating ethnic riots, reports the Washington Post.

A representative from UNICEF in Myanmar, warned that there was an alarming increase in child malnutrition amongst the Rohingya community.

"What we have observed from March to June is a dramatic increase in admissions for severe acute malnutrition. We saw figures doubling," said Betrand Bainvel.

Ethnic rift deepens in Myanmar says UN Special Rapporteur (28 July 2014)

Tamil Guardian 29 July 2014
Gaza's only power plant hit as Israel strikes high profile targets
Israel, Tuesday, attacked high-profile targets which included the destruction of Gaza’s only power plant as Egyptian mediators prepared a revised proposal to stop the escalating conflict, reports Reuters.

Palestinian officials say that at least 100 people have been killed in the past 24 hours.

The Israeli military said that Hamas launched at least 52 rockets towards southern and central Israel, including the Tel Aviv area with 5 soldiers dying in combat overnight, the Israeli military reported.

A new revised version of a truce proposal initially proposed by Egypt is expected to be presented to the delegation later today.

The latest escalation in the conflict comes as the Israeli Premier, Benyamin Netanyahu, suggested that there would be a 'protracted' struggle against Hamas.

"We need to be prepared for a protracted campaign. We will continue to act with force and discretion until our mission is accomplished," said Netanyahu.
Tamil Guardian 29 July 2014
EU widens sanctions on Russia, targets economy
The EU, Tuesday, adopted new economic sanctions against Russia that targeted the oil sector and defence equipment in attempts to stop Russian support for militant separatists in Ukraine, reports the BBC.

The full statement detailing the widening of sanctions is expected on Wednesday, where the EU is also expected to name individuals that will face asset freezes.

The latest news of sanctions comes as at least 22 Ukrainian civilians have been reportedly killed in the last 24 hours.
Tamil Guardian 29 July 2014
Kurdistan sells oil to US, defies Baghdad
A tanker carrying $100-million of oil from Kurdistan will discharge in Texas, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

The delivery of Kurdish oil to the US has sparked discontent with the Iraqi government in Baghdad who view all Kurdish oil deliveries as smuggling, reports Al-Jazeera.

Iraqi Kurdistan has been selling its crude without permission from Baghdad since January.

Though the US has pressured governments to refrain from buying from the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) it stopped short of placing buying restrictions on US firms. 
Tamil Guardian 28 July 2014
‘World’s worst’ food crisis in South Sudan – UN

The UN Security Council has warned of a looming famine in South Sudan, saying the "catastrophic food insecurity" was the worst in the world and urged donor countries to make good on their promise to donate $618m (£364m) in aid.

“The members of the Security Council expressed grave concern about the catastrophic food insecurity situation in South Sudan that is now the worst in the world. They further expressed deep alarm that the crisis in South Sudan may soon reach the threshold of famine as a result of continued conflict, civilian targeting and displacement,” a statement by the 15-member body said.

“WFP, UNICEF and our partners here on the ground have been working tirelessly to bring assistance,” said World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director Ertharin Cousin.

“But if we are to rapidly expand our operations and save more lives, then we need more resources, and the international community has to act now.”

Nearly one million children under five years of age in South Sudan will require treatment for acute malnutrition in 2014, according to the UN and UNICEF estimates that 50,000 children could die from malnutrition in the course of this year, if the world fails to provide the required assistance.

Tamil Guardian 28 July 2014
Cameroon Deputy PM’s wife abducted by Boko Haram

The wife of Cameroon’s deputy prime minister Amadou Ali, has been abducted by the Nigerian militant group, Boko Haram, according to Cameroonian military.

Members of Boko Haram attacked the northern town of Kolofata and also kidnapped the town’s mayor Seini Boukar Lamine.

"I can confirm that the home of vice-prime minister Amadou Ali in Kolofata came under a savage attack from Boko Haram militants," Issa Tchiroma told Reuters by telephone.

"They unfortunately took away his wife. They also attacked the lamido's residence and he was also kidnapped," he said, and at least three people were killed in the attack.

The attack on Sunday is said to be the fourth by the group since Friday, with at least four Cameroonian soldiers killed in the violence.

Tamil Guardian 28 July 2014
US accelerates supply of arms to Syrian rebels
The United States has accelerated its supply of arms and ammunition to the Syrian rebels, as fears grow of ISIS and other extreme elements gaining ground across Iraq and Syria, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

Under what the paper described as a "covert program", the US is reported to be sending arms deliveries to the rebels, along with ammunition and money, through Turkey and Jordan.

The paper further said the delivery, coordinated by 11 states within the Friends of Syria Alliance, was being directed towards groups deemed by the US as moderates.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar had reportedly stopped their funding previously, accusing the rebels of fueling the rise in Islamist extremist groups.

See here for more.
Tamil Guardian 28 July 2014
UN Security Council urges unconditional immediate ceasefire between Gaza and Israel
The United Nations Security Council, Monday, called for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza as overnight ceasefire announcements between Hamas and Israel were violated by both sides.

The statement called on the parties to the conflict ‘to accept and fully implement the humanitarian ceasefire into the Eid period and beyond’ and ‘to engage in efforts to achieve a durable and fully respected ceasefire, based on the Egyptian initiative,” reports The Guardian.

The United States President, Barack Obama, Sunday, in a phone call to the Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, expressed concern over the rising civilian death toll and called for an immediate ceasefire.

On Monday, Haaretz reported that the Israeli Defence Forces had ceased striking targets within the Gaza strip after a 24 hour ceasefire request. The Israeli Prime Minister, later accused Hamas of violating its own ceasefire by firing rockets into Israel.
Tamil Guardian 28 July 2014
Ethnic rift deepens in Myanmar says UN Special Rapporteur
The United Nations, Saturday, warned of a deepening ethnic rift between Buddhist and Muslim communities in Myanmar, reports Reuters.

The Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, during a news conference at the end of her 10 day visit, highlighting ‘deplorable’ living conditions for displaced Muslims, called on the government to tackle the reoccurring issue of inter-communal violence.

"The situation is deplorable. Many have remained in the camps for two years and I do not believe that there is adequate access to basic services,” said Yanghee Lee, after visiting displacement camps in the Rakhine state.

Lee added that Muslims continued to face systematic discrimination which included, restrictions to freedom of movement, restrictions on marriage and birth certification and restrictions on access to land food and water.
Tamil Guardian 27 July 2014
Australian official resigns over anti-Hamas remarks
Australia’s Community Relations Commission chairman for New South Wales, resigned from his position Sunday, after sending out an email suggesting that ‘all options are on the table’ in a war against Hamas, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Vic Alhadeff, who is also the chief executive of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, resigned from his community relations role, stating,

“I have chosen to do so in the interests of the CRC and its important work in fostering social harmony.”

Alhadeff faced severe criticism after failing to withdraw his comments that endorsed Israel's recent actions Gaza.

The Lebanese Muslim Association president ,welcomed the resignation as a step towards ‘ensuring that the work of the CRC continues to build on the charter of community harmony and cohesion.’
Editorial Tamil Guardian 08 July 2014
Significance of Aluthgama
  Illustration Keera Ratnam Almost at the centenary of the first anti-Muslim riots by Sinhala mobs in 1915, [more]

Editorial Tamil Guardian 13 May 2014
Silences between the shouts
The idea that Sri Lanka's opposition parties should unite to topple President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government has surfaced yet again, with much discussion of a common Presidential challenger and speculation over likely candidates. [more]

Arani Kumaran Tamil Guardian 28 June 2014
Review: 'This Land Belongs to the Army'
'This Land Belongs to the Army’ is a strong documentary about the manner in which the lands in the traditional Tamil homelands of the North-East of the island of Sri Lanka have been appropriated by the government and the military. Made by Indian journalist and filmmaker Maga Tamizh Prabhagaran, [more]

J. S. Tissainayagam Tamil Guardian 24 June 2014
'Sri Lanka’s Scapegoat for its Own Terror'

Sri Lanka is using the mask of ‘counterterrorism’ to hide its own terror, whilst increasingly becoming a hub for international crime, said award-winning exiled Tamil journalist J. [more]

Tamil Guardian 18 June 2014
‘Australia’s dangerously close relationship with Sri Lanka’

The Australian government’s “dangerously close relationship with Sri Lanka” has put it at odds with its allies and leaves it at risk of violating international human rights obligations, [more]

Tamil Guardian 23 July 2014
Black July 1983 remembered
Today Eelam Tamils around the world mark thirty-one years from the horrors of the anti-Tamil pogrom of 1983, [more]

Tamil Guardian 18 July 2014
US should push prosecution of individuals in Sri Lanka - Congressional Caucus hears

The US has the opportunity to prosecute Sri Lankan war criminals and place sanctions on Sri Lanka, [more]

Tamil Guardian 16 June 2014
Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict concludes with declaration


The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict concluded in London last week, [more]

  Culture & Community
Tamil Guardian 26 July 2014
Tamil youth mark Black July raising awareness of ongoing genocide
Leicester Square, London. Photograph TYOUK Tamil youth commemorated the 31st anniversary of the anti-Tamil pogrom of Black July, [more]

Tamil Guardian 07 June 2014
Tamil Eelam defeats Darfur United
In the last game for the team at this tournament, Tamil Eelam defeated a weakened Darfur United by ten goals to nil. [more]

Tamil Guardian 05 June 2014
Sápmi defeats Tamil Eelam in closely contested match
The Tamil Eelam football team managed to net their first goals of the 2014 World Football Cup tournament, but succumbed to a 4-2 defeat to hosts Sápmi. [more]

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