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Tamil Guardian 03 May 2015
Curfew lifted in Baltimore

The curfew which has been in place in Baltimore over the last 5 nights, after protests caused by the death of a black man while in police custody, has been lifted.

Troops with the National Guard have begun withdrawing from the city.

On Sunday morning, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she did not want to maintain it longer than necessary.

"My goal has always been to not have the curfew in place a single day longer than was necessary," she tweeted. "I believe we have reached that point today."

Freddie Gray died last month after he was left with a broken neck during his arrest.

Baltimore's state attorney Marilyn Mosby said police ignored the unresponsive man, who had repeatedly appealed for help.

Six police officers have been charged with his killing.

Thousands welcome charging of officers involved in death of Freddie Gray (03 May 2015)

Tamil Guardian 03 May 2015
HRW accuses Saudi coalition of using American cluster bombs
Credible evidence indicates that the Saudi led coalition used banned cluster munitions supplied by the US during airstrikes against Houthi militant advances, said Human Rights Watch in a statement on Sunday.

The arms director at Human Rights Watch, Steve Goose, said

“Saudi-led cluster munition airstrikes have been hitting areas near villages, putting local people in danger. The weapons should never be used under any circumstances. Saudi Arabia and other coalition members- and the supplier, the US – are flouting the global standard that rejects cluster munitions because on their long-term threat to civilians.”

Photographs and video evidence since April 2015 were provided to Human Rights Watch confirming the use of such weapons. Human Rights Watch through use of satellite imagery that weapons appeared to land within 600m of several buildings in between four to six village clusters.
Tamil Guardian 03 May 2015
Islamic State 'kills 300 Yazidis'

Around 300 Yezidi captives have been killed by Islamic State near Mosul, according to a statement from the Yazidi Progress Party.

Thousands of Yazidis were captured by IS militants last year, when they took over huge swathes of land in northern Iraq.

The Yazidi Progress Party's statement, quoted by the Kurdish Shafaq News website, condemned the killings as a "heinous crime" and urged Iraqi forces to free those still held by the militants.

See more here.

Tamil Guardian 03 May 2015
Thousands welcome charging of officers involved in death of Freddie Gray

Thousands of people took to the streets, a day after the officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray were charged with homicide, with many exuberantly celebrating the move, while demanding justice to be served.

"We will gather in peace and we will march in peace and we will march until police brutality ends in the United States," Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice which helped organise Saturday's march, told the crowd, according to Reuters.

Using social media hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackSpring, rallies were also planned on Saturday in more than 20 US cities including Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.

At the rally at City Hall, protesters held signs that said, "Running black is not a crime in Baltimore" and "Who's policing the Baltimore City police?", the Baltimore Sun reported.

Mark-Anthony Montgomery of the group Hearts with Promise said the protesters are fighting a "war on poverty" and a "war on injustice."

Tamil Guardian 02 May 2015
Nigeria rescues 234 hostages held by Boko Haram
Nigeria’s army secured the release of 234 that were held captive in Boko Haram’s stronghold in the Sambisa forest.

The Nigerian defence headquarters, said the hostages were rescued on Thursday evening. A total of 500 women and children have been rescued over the past few days, reports the Guardian.

Amnesty International called on authorities, “to ensure that the trauma of those ‘rescued’ is not exacerbated by lengthy security screening in detention.”

Nigeria’s military said that freed hostages continued to be screened to confirm their identities.
Tamil Guardian 02 May 2015
Egypt uses courts to intimidate journalists says Amnesty International
Egyptian authorities are using courts to stifle journalism, said Amnesty international in a report released on Sunday.

The report outlined cases of 18 media personnel that had been jailed by Egyptian courts and dozens that were under criminal investigation.

Amnesty’s report, concluded,

“In Egypt today anyone who challenges the authorities’ official narrative, criticised the government or exposes human rights violations is at risk of being tossed into a jail cell, often to be held indefinitely, without charge or trial or face prosecution on trumped-up charges.”

Amnesty said that most convictions were made with a lack of evidence and were based solely on testimonies of the security forces.

Responding to the report, the Egyptian foreign ministry spokesperson, Badr Abdelatty, said,

“Nobody is being targeted for being a journalist. Such accusations are politicised nonsense.”
Tamil Guardian 02 May 2015
Houthis urge UN to end Saudi air strikes
Houthi rebels in Yemen on Saturday urged the United Nations to bring an end to the air strikes against them, led by Saudi Arabia, reports Reuters.

In a letter to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, the Houthis said, "We want to emphasize the grave and tragic situation that comes in the light of the continued Saudi blatant aggression on our country and our people."


Tamil Guardian 01 May 2015
ICC rejects accusations of bias in Israeli-Palestinian investigation
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, rejected accusations of an anti-Israeli bias when conducting a preliminary investigation into the conflict, stating that "we will of course look into the alleged crimes committed by all sides to the conflict."

In an interview to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, Ms Bensouda said:

“At this stage, we are not investigating, as a decision on whether to open an investigation in the situation of Palestine has not been made. Rather we are conducting what we call in our parlance a preliminary examination over alleged crimes committed in Palestine. In January of this year, as you know, Palestine accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC for acts committed on its territory or by its nationals since June 2014. In the course of the preliminary examination, we will gather and assess information received from reliable sources from all sides, including from Israel, on alleged crimes committed by any party to the conflict.


Tamil Guardian 01 May 2015
Turkish police fires tear gas at May Day protests
Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannons at hundreds of May Day protestors, after they defied a ban and tried to march into the capital’s Taksim Square, which saw weeks of unrest in 2013.

Thousands of police with barricades closed streets to stop demonstrations from progressing to the square, resulting in at least 140 people being detained, reports Reuters.

At least 18 protestors and 6 police officers were injured in the clashes.

An opposition politician, Mahmut Tanal, speaking to Reuters, said,

“People want to express their problems but the government doesn’t want those problems to be heard ahead of elections.”


Tamil Guardian 01 May 2015
German president, defies government, supports WW2 reparations for Greece

The Germen president, Joachim Gauck, defying his government’s rejection of the concept, expressed support for Greek demands for reparations for the Nazi occupation of Greece in World War Two.

Mr Gauk, speaking in an interview to be published in German press on Saturday, calling on Germany to consider its historical responsibilities, said,

“We are not only people who are living in this day and age but we’re also the descendants of those who left behind a trail of destruction in Europe during World War Two – in Greece among other places, where we shamefully knew little about it for so long. It’s the right thing to do for a history-conscious country like ours to consider what possibilities there might be for reparations.”

Greece has demanded $312 billion in reparation for the Nazi occupation, with many blaming Germany for the current tough austerity measures and record levels of unemployment in the country.

Germany, remains as Greece’s biggest international creditor.

Tamil Guardian 27 February 2015
Demanding demilitarisation

The streets of Jaffna saw historic scenes on Tuesday. The largest demonstration since the massacre on the beaches of Mullivaikal 6 years ago took place, [more]

Editorial Tamil Guardian 17 February 2015
Awaiting Justice

The UN Human Rights Council’s decision to give the new government 6 months to cooperate with the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL), in view of gathering more information, [more]

Tamil Guardian 28 March 2015
'North and south still divided'
Writing in the LA Times on Saturday following a visit to the island and road-trip along the A9, the American journalist Shashank Bengali said the North and South was still divided after the civil war. [more]

David Cameron Tamil Guardian 10 March 2015
Sri Lanka must seize this window of opportunity - David Cameron
Published 00:01 GMT Writing in the Tamil Guardian today, British Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated his commitment to ensuring those responsible for war crimes in Sri Lanka are held accountable and said he would press the country's new president, [more]

J. S. Tissainayagam Tamil Guardian 17 January 2015
Will Sri Lanka's new president be held to international standards of justice?
In view of the Sri Lanka's new president's closeness to the last stages of the armed conflict, serving as acting defence minister for the final two weeks, [more]

Tamil Guardian 29 April 2015
'Where else should I die but here?'
Dharmeratnam 'Taraki' Sivaram 11 August 1959 - 28 April 2005 [more]

Tamil Guardian 14 April 2015
Tamil New Year in the militarised Vanni

Sri Lanka's military held several event's in the Vanni to 'celebrate' Tamil and Sinhala New Year, with civilians, including children, invited to take part. [more]

Tamil Guardian 13 April 2015
British Tamils gear up for UK general election
Tamil Guardian speaks to a range of Tamil voters about the issues they care most about in the upcoming British general election. [more]

  Culture & Community
Tamil Guardian 22 March 2015
A night to remember as Tamil comedy takes to the stage

  All photographs: Thamarai With Tamil variety shows having been a staple part of the British Tamil calendar for years, [more]

Tamil Guardian 22 February 2015
'Super Singer Junior' audiences stunned by song dedicated to Eelam Tamils
A 15 year old Canadian Eelam Tamil singer, Jessica Judes, stunned audiences of the widely popular Tamil Nadu singing competition - Super Singer Junior on Saturday, [more]

Tamil Guardian 21 February 2015
Denmark Tamil schools compete in Malathy Cup football tournament
Tamil schools across Denmark came together for the Malathy Cup football tournament on February 14. [more]

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