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Tamil Guardian 01 December 2015
Sri Lanka to auction off seized Indian fishing boats

The Sri Lankan government will not released any fishing trawlers seized from Tamil Nadu fishermen but plans to auction them off instead, the Daily FT quoted the director general of the department of fisheries and aquatic resources, Lal Fernando as saying.

“The Ministry has taken a firm decision not to release any trawler or mechanised boat caught violating the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) of Sri Lanka. We will release the Indian fishermen, but not their boats and trawlers,” Mr Fernando reportedly said.

“Though, we keep the trawlers in our custody to discourage them poaching into our waters, there is no reduction in the number of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan territorial waters,” he added.


Tamil Guardian 01 December 2015
Lok Sabha members concerned about fishermen detained by Sri Lanka Navy

Members of India's Lok Sabha expressed concern on Tuesday about the latest arrest and detention of Tamil Nadu fishermen by Sri Lankan navy personnel.

The AIADMK party member, V Elumalai urged the men to be released immediately, the PTI reported.

He also urged Mr Modi to ensure the Katchtheevu island was regained.


Tamil Guardian 30 November 2015
Sri Lanka's lecturer associations pledge to raise awareness of worsening national security
The National University Teachers Association and Kandy association of Scholars and Professionals agreed to canvas representatives of political parties, religious leaders about the growing dangers posed by abolishing existing security measures.

Convening in Peradeniya the group, which was addressed by Sri Lanka’s former external affairs minister GL Peiris, committed to using social media to reach the youth and warn them of growing dangers posed by abolishing existing security measures, reports the Island.

Responding to questions from the audience, GL Peiris, said that Sri Lanka’s government had put the country at risk by de-proscribing Tamil organisations.

Former foreign minister slams gov for allowing UN working group into Sri Lanka (24 Nov 2015)
Tamil Guardian 30 November 2015
India's new arms to Sri Lanka will be used to annihilate Tamils says PMK
The Tamil Nadu party, PMK on Monday urged India's central government to stop giving Sri Lanka new arms and military aid, the Business Standard reported.

Stating that India was intending to "give Lanka new war planes, arms, tanks and anti-aircraft weapons system," Mr Ramadoss said, "there is no doubt that such weaponry would be only used to annihilate Tamils. Thousands of reasons can be listed to deny supply of weaponry to Sri Lanka."


Tamil Guardian 30 November 2015
Sirisena says no compromise on national security
The Sri Lankan president, Maithripala Sirisena on Monday assured French Sri Lankans that he "would not take any decision under any circumstances that would compromise the national security", reports the Daily Mirror.

Mr Sirisena met with the Sri Lankan expatriates at the country's embassy in France.

Asked about allegations that government actions could undermine national security, Mr Sirisena said "he was totally committed to the safety, security and integrity of Sri Lanka and he would never allow anybody to take any action that could be affect the national sovereignty or security."


Tamil Guardian 30 November 2015
India offers Sri Lanka assistance to modernise army
India offered assistance and training to Sri Lanka to modernise its army, reports Colombo Page.

Arriving in Sri Lanka, the chief of the Indian army, General Dalbir Singh met with Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva on Monday.


Tamil Guardian 29 November 2015
Australian Senator calls for end of Sri Lanka's military occupation of Tamil homeland
Australian Senator for New South Wales, Lee Rhiannon called on the new Sri Lankan government to show its commitment to a reconciliation process be de-militarising the Tamil North-East.

Addressing Australia’s Tamil community at an event for the commemoration of Maaverar Naal, Ms Rhiannon said,

“If the new regime is genuine about reconciliation then there must be an immediate end to the military occupation of the Tamil homeland.”

Pledging support to the Tamil struggle for self-determination, she added,

“I pay my respects to the fallen heroes and everyone that continues to survive the ongoing genocide in the Tamil homeland.”

Full speech produced below.

Tamil Guardian 29 November 2015
Tamil poet denied visiting visa to launch book in Jaffna
Award winning Tamil poet and actor VIS Jeyapalan has been stopped by the Sri Lankan government from attending a launch of his latest book in Jaffna, reports Journalists for Democracy Sri Lanka.

Mr Jeyapalan was denied a visiting visa by Sri Lanka's authorities.

Mr Jeyapalan, who is based in Oslo, was arrested and deported in November 2013 when he visited his hometown in Jaffna after decades in exile.

Norwegian Tamil poet arrested by SL intelligence in Maankulam (27 Nov 2013)
J. S. Tissainayagam Tamil Guardian 29 November 2015
Sri Lanka’s transitional justice: Genuine move or red herring?
Noting the absence of commitment to demilitarisation of the North-East JS Tissainayagam questioned the Sri Lankan government’s commitment to an all-inclusive transitional justice process that had the buy in of the victims.

Writing in the Asian correspondent Mr Tissainayagam said,

“Although the Government consulting victims on some aspects of transitional justice mechanisms appears democratic and inclusive, the way Colombo is setting about it gives little confidence that it is prepared to incorporate victims’ needs and wishes if they go contrary to its own target and objectives. Nor is the Government going to demilitarise areas to make them more benign to implement transitional justice. This raises the question whether consultations and other promises of inclusivity are a red herring to lull the public and international community into a false sense of hope while the Government goes ahead undeterred to implement a version of transitional justice unhelpful to victims.”

Full opinion piece can be found here.

Tamil Guardian 29 November 2015
Pakistan Navy ship on goodwill visit to Sri Lanka's Colombo port
Pakistan’s Naval Ship PNS Shamsheer is to arrive at Colombo port on a four day goodwill visit starting Monday, reports Colombo Page.

Pakistan’s naval commanders are expected to Sri Lanka’s navy officials.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan have seen strengthening bi-lateral relations over past months.

Pakistan discusses bilateral defence ties with Sri Lanka military generals (08 Jun 2015)
Sri Lankan president thanks Pakistan for support at UNHRC (12 May 2015)
Tamil Guardian 01 December 2015
A flower, a flame and a flag

On November 27th candles were lit in an unprecedented number of events, commemorating those who died taking up arms for the Tamil liberation struggle. [more]

Tamil Guardian 07 October 2015
Inescapable truth
The adoption of a UNHRC consensus resolution on the UN report into Sri Lanka’s atrocities (OISL) has been welcomed by many as the first step in a long process to move Sri Lanka towards an era of justice and reconciliation through genuine accountability, [more]

J. S. Tissainayagam Tamil Guardian 29 November 2015
Sri Lanka’s transitional justice: Genuine move or red herring?
Noting the absence of commitment to demilitarisation of the North-East JS Tissainayagam questioned the Sri Lankan government’s commitment to an all-inclusive transitional justice process that had the buy in of the victims. [more]

PEARL Tamil Guardian 22 November 2015
UN Confirmation of Sri Lanka Torture Camp Raises More Questions - PEARL
The UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (UN WGEID) confirmed Wednesday what Tamils in Sri Lanka have known for many years: the Sri Lankan state runs secret detention camps in which it holds and tortures Tamil detainees. [more]

Taylor Dibbert The Diplomat 20 November 2015
Samantha Power Must Recalibrate Washington’s Sri Lanka Rhetoric
Samantha Power, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), is in India and Sri Lanka from November 18 – 23. In India, she’s set to meet human rights activists, members of civil society and senior government officials. [more]

Tamil Guardian 27 November 2015
Maaveerar Naal 2015
Eelam Tamils across the world mark Tamil National Remembrance Day 2015. Photograph - Maaveerar Naal remembered over the site of the demolished LTTE cemetery in PTK. [more]

Tamil Guardian 26 November 2015
'Have we not lost enough lives for our rights?' - Jaffna Uni protests in tribute to student who committed suicide

Tamil Guardian 22 November 2015
US Ambassador Samantha Power visits Jaffna

  Culture & Community
Tamil Guardian 27 November 2015
Canadian Tamil youth commemorate Maaveerar Naal


On November 25th the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) Canada, in partnership with the Tamil Students' Associations (TSAs) from several universities, [more]

Tamil Guardian 24 November 2015
Tamil students commemorate Maaveerar Naal in London
Photograph: Tamil Guardian Tamil students across the UK convened at University College London (UCL) to commemorate the Tamil nation’s day of remembrance Maaveerar Naal. ##### The event, [more]

Tamil Guardian 22 March 2015
A night to remember as Tamil comedy takes to the stage

  All photographs: Thamarai With Tamil variety shows having been a staple part of the British Tamil calendar for years, [more]

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