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We will sentence traitors to death when back in power - Retired Rear Admiral Weerasekara

NGOs and civil society activists should be charged with treason and sentenced to death according to former Sri Lankan MP and Rajapaksa ally, the retired Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara.

Weerasekara, in an extensive interview with Ceylon Today reiterated his denial of Sri Lankan war crimes and said that those making claims such as the existence of rape camps would be charged with treason.

“If we come to power these traitors should be charged with treason. That is what I would advise the government that comes to power next time. These people are traitors letting down the entire country and the armed forces.”

The Rear Admiral further said:

“I cannot send anyone to gallows, but I have a list of names. When the next government comes to power, we will file cases against them for treason. If the charges are proved beyond reasonable doubt, the punishment would be death. We don't need a military government to do that.”

Weerasekara was recently in Geneva for the 34th UN Human Rights Council session, at which he made similar threats to diaspora activists.

Read his full interview on Ceylon Today.