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Sri Lankan soldier accused of sexually abusing Tamil woman

A Sri Lankan solider was arrested this week after villagers in Uttuppulam, Kilinochchi accused him of sexually abusing a young Tamil woman. 

The soldier, who has not been identified, was deployed to the village to collect family details from each household, when he is said to have met the woman who lived at home with her parent who suffered with mental health difficulties.

Villagers report the soldier would regularly frequent the house at night time. When questioned by the villagers as to his actions, he reportedly replied back angrily that he loved the woman and he would marry her. The villagers have said he is already married, with three children, living in Trincomalee.

The soldier was later transferred to Vavuniya, however he continued to visit the house and stay overnight. 

On Thursday night the villagers apprehended the soldier whilst he was inside the home and handed him over to the police. The solider was later detained by the military police.

When civil society groups spoke to the woman, she stated the soldier had threatened her into have sex.