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Sri Lankan policymakers study security implications of foreign projects

According to the Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka (INSSSL) research has been initiated to examine the security implications of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects and the presence of foreign workers on the island.

The INSSSL stated that during an interagency meeting on guidelines for FDI approval, there was a consensus that the government should encourage FDI with caution.

A statement released by the INSSSL stated that as a consequence of increased FDI, there is “a major debate between the “freedom of investment” and concerns of national security.”

INSSSL analyst, Ranuk Mendis, mentioned China’s security clearance model for foreign projects and that the INSSSL could provide such supports in the future.

The INSSSL further stated that international agencies registering individuals as “asylum seekers” and not having them monitored could pose a threat. The INSSL suggests that undocumented individuals could enter Sri Lanka and potentially use the country as a training hub for terrorism.

The INSSSL was established in January 2017 to conduct research for the Ministry of Defense.