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Sri Lankan police arrest more students as heavy security presence continues in Jaffna

More students have been arrested in Jaffna in connection with a series of protests over the rape and murder of a Tamil schoolgirl last month, as there continues to be a heavy Sri Lankan security presence in the region.

Latest reports suggest that a student from the Manippay Higher Secondary school was arrested on May 31st in connection with a protest outside the Jaffna court complex last month.

The Jaffna Crime Prevention Unit police said surveillance video and other footage was used to identify and apprehend the student. They further stated that he was in possession of illegal drugs at the time of arrest and provided information about other suspects they were searching for.

Meanwhile riot police continue to maintain a heavy presence in Jaffna with travel along a main road near the Jaffna court complex and A9 highway suspended.

Protests took place across the North-East after the rape and murder of a Tamil schoolgirl in Pungudutivu last month, including outside the Jaffna court, where riot police were deployed and tear gas fired after stones were thrown at the courthouse. Sri Lankan police have since been pursuing and arresting many of protestors

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