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Sri Lankan army presents artificial limbs to former LTTE cadres

The Sri Lankan army distributed artificial limbs to former LTTE cadres and civilians in Kilinochchi.

At an event funded by USAID, artificial limbs were presented by Sri Lankan army officers to thirty Tamils, including former LTTE cadres, that had lost limbs during the war.

Civil society groups in the North-East have frequently expressed concern about the Sri Lankan military’s involvement in rehabilitation activities.

“Given the military's perpetration of mass atrocities during the war and the lack of accountability for those atrocities, the military's involvement in rehabilitation and restorative programs for the war-affected Tamil population only adds to further traumatization and is highly problematic,” Dharsha Jegatheeswaran, senior researcher at the Jaffna-based Adayaalam centre for policy research, told Tamil Guardian.

Photographs: Virakesari