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UK ‘concerned’ about human rights in Sri Lanka
Tamil Guardian 30 April 2012 Print ArticleE-mail ArticleFeedback On Article

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has released its annual human rights report and has listed Sri Lanka as a country of concern, along with countries such as North Korea, Iran, Russia and Syria.

Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke at the launch of the report in London on Monday and welcomed the many positive moves towards democracy that had occurred around the world in the past year.

Mr Hague added that Britain’s main focus will be on those countries, whose human rights have not shown any improvements or deteriorated over the past year.

“Human rights is an indivisible part of our Government’s foreign policy, running throughout all our diplomacy:

"From our support for international institutions of justice, whose importance have been re-confirmed by the conclusion of the trial of Charles Taylor last week to our active diplomacy on an International Arms Trade Treaty; from our insistence on human rights clauses in EU Free Trade Agreements to our work in the United Nations”

Mr Hague outlined a change in policy, whereas countries will from now on be reviewed on their human rights situation quarterly, rather than annually.

On Sri Lanka the report said that its human rights picture in 2011 ‘was mixed'.

While noting the ‘wide-ranging’ recommendations of the LLRC, the report criticised the lack of concrete progress in holding those alleged to be responsible for international humanitarian law violations accountable.

The report states that the UK “sees accountability for alleged war crimes, respect for human rights and a political settlement as being essential elements in post-conflict reconciliation.”

It adds that in 2012 the UK will focus on the ‘follow-up’ of the LLRC and National Human Rights Action Plan and will encourage the Government of Sri Lanka "to implement recommendations, and address outstanding questions regarding accountability for alleged war crimes".

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Tamil Guardian 21 July 2014
Government to stop NGOs from receiving foreign funding - Divaina
The Sri Lankan government is to stop certain NGOs from receiving foreign funding, the Sinhala daily Divaina newspaper reports, citing a high ranking government source. [more]

Tamil Guardian 21 July 2014
Civil Defence Force facility opened by Gotabaya in the Vanni

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Friday declared open a new facility for the Civil Defence Force in Manal Aaru, in the Mullaitivu district in the North-East of the island. [more]

Tamil Guardian 21 July 2014
Compulsory Sinhala lessons for Tamils in North-East

Tamil civil servants will be required to learn Sinhala through a government sponsored programme, which has also been introduced in pre-schools in the North-East, according to President Mahinda Rajapaksa's office. [more]

Tamil Guardian 21 July 2014
Ban all religious groups ‘not older than 500 years’ – Sri Lankan Minister

Minister of Construction Wimal Weerawansa has called on the government to ban all religious groups which have been in existence for less than 500 years. [more]

Tamil Guardian 21 July 2014
Unidentified body found near Trincomalee fort
Photograph Batti News

A body of a male washed up on the bear near Trincomalee fort on Sunday, reports Uthayan and Batti News. [more]

Tamil Guardian 20 July 2014
Refugee amongst three extradited to Sri Lanka by Malaysia

Three men, including at least one refugee, who were arrested by the Malaysian authorities earlier this month for alleged links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, [more]

Tamil Guardian 20 July 2014
Body of youth found inside Batticaloa woods
Photograph Ada Derana The body of 22 year old man was found on Sunday within cashew tree woods in Batticaloa, Ada Derana reports. [more]

Tamil Guardian 20 July 2014
UNP leader warns Sinhala Buddhists will be at risk if other races not safeguarded
Ranil Wickramasinghe, the leader of the opposition party, UNP warned that "to save the Sinhala Buddhists in the island, all the other races must also be safeguarded," the Colombo Page reports. [more]

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